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Trix and Oorstof are proud to present a super trio of Chris Brokaw (Come/Codeine), Douglas McCombs (Tortoise) and Kid Millions (Oneida). As Charnel Ground they have a slab of adrenaline infused post power pop rock noise on offer you shouldn’t miss out on.

AB Salon

With the brand new album Kami, the trio of Louise Landes Levi, Timo van Luijk and Bart De Paepe is taking it’s sonic explorations to a whole new level …

AB Salon

Promoting the brand new g a b b r o album GRANULAR on Dropa Disc, Hanne De Backer hits the road with Agnes Hvizdalek, Raphael Malfliet and newcomer Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø. A rare appearance of  the inspiring duo of Dirk Serries and Rodrigo Amado will start of this last Oorstof event at AB Salon for 2019.

Het Bos

When Jaap Blonk turned 65, he thought it was time to start a young and energetic band again. He aptly named it ‘Retirement Overdue’. Key words are: rough energy, unpredictable, freedom, dada-punk!

Vlaanderen Stad Antwerpen AB Salon deSTudio coStA Het Bos Zuiderpershuis Les Ateliers Claus Kraak Vooruit WPML Tryp Windham Antwerp

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