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25/08/2018 – 15:00
De Studio

Summer Bummer Festival 2018 – DAY 1

Oorstof Summer Bummer Festival 2018 - DAY 1


1 Day Ticket Pre-Sale: 27 EUR
1 Day Ticket Pre-Sale - 26y: 17 EUR
1 Day Ticket Box Office: 32 EUR
1 Day Ticket Box Office - 26y: 22 EUR

2 day Combi Ticket Pre-Sale: 48 EUR
2 day Combi Ticket Box Office: 55 EUR
2 day Combi Ticket Pre-Sale - 26y: 27 EUR
2 day Combi Ticket Box Office - 26y: 35 EUR


Doors: 15:00
Concert: 16:00


De Studio
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Day 1 of the challenging two day Summer Bummer Festival will bring us the ground breaking electronic music of Ramones, Blondie and Suicide producer CRAIG LEON playing NOMMOS, the twisted beats and pulses of PHILIPP QUEHENBERGER, the sublime blend of reeds, percussion, arp synth and piano by CHRISTOPH ERB, FRANK ROSALY and JIM BAKER, the surprising mix of tabla tarang and trap drums by SANSKRITI SHRESTHA  and ANDREAS WILDHAGEN, the resonating musical flux of Anima Sound legend LIMPE FUCHS and the Belgian all round artist with the biggest fan club GERARD HERMAN, the refined and exhilarating interplay of M(H)YSTERIA’s GIOVANNI DI DOMENICO, JAKOB WARMENBOL and LAURENS SMET and the nothing less than beautiful sounds of youngsters STAN MARIS, KOBE BOON and BENJAMIN HERMANS as KREIS. Next to the captivating concerts there will be a free of entrances part of the festival where you can enjoy a dedicated RECORD FAIR, some surprising MUSIC FILMS and a stand with homemade SLOW FOOD.



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