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AB Salon

Promoting the brand new g a b b r o album GRANULAR on Dropa Disc, Hanne De Backer hits the road with Agnes Hvizdalek, Raphael Malfliet and newcomer Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø. Rodrigo Amado and Farida Amadou – who replaces Dirk Serries – will start of this last Oorstof event at AB Salon for 2019.

Het Bos

When Jaap Blonk turned 65, he thought it was time to start a young and energetic band again. He aptly named it ‘Retirement Overdue’. Key words are: rough energy, unpredictable, freedom, dada-punk!

De Singer

The Humanization 4tet melts funk, rock, free jazz and hard bop in a spontaneous and very convincing way. Luís Lopes, Rodrigo Amado, Aaron and Stefan González now present us the brand new intoxicating release Believe Believe …

Vlaanderen Stad Antwerpen AB Salon deSTudio coStA Het Bos Zuiderpershuis Les Ateliers Claus Kraak Vooruit WPML Tryp Windham Antwerp

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