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Concerts archive 2019

Museum Vleeshuis

With a 3 x cd/book release for Dropa Disc in preparation and celebrating his 82nd birthday, iconic piano player Fred Van Hove will take the superb sounding stage of Museum Vleeshuis for a solo piano concert. Limited tickets available, don’t hesitate to secure your spot…

Table Dance

Raphael Rogiński is back with his multifaceted guitar explorations teaming up for a double bill at Table Dance with the more than versatile reed player Joachim Badenhorst.

De Studio

First Belgian appearance of Ken Vandermark’s Marker opening the brand new Visitations event showing similarities, differences and cross-pollinations between local and international musicians .

De Studio

Ken Vandermark composes brand new material for Marker teaming up with Farida Amadou, Audrey Lauro, Stan Maris and Hanne De Backer on the second day of the brand new Visitations event.

De Studio

The Rempis Percussion Quartet and Don Kapot are setting out to give DE Studio a serious rhythmic shake down on the third day of the brand new Visitations event. Stoked also to be able to add Sho Shin Duo & Seppe Gebruers. New start time is 19.00 !!!

Het Bos

Liberation-oriented free jazz with Irreversible Entanglements and Moor Mother, Ayiti Kongo Dub and oneiric visuals by The Ångstromers and a unique bass and sax encounter by Ann Eysermans and John Dikeman. Fire music galore to celebrate 5 years Het Bos …

AB Salon

Samara Lubelski and Bill Nace delivered one of the high lights of 2018 with a scorching violin-guitar duo release on vinyl (Open Mouth) and cd (Relative Pitch). Don’t miss out to experience this duo shredding it live when Oorstof hits AB Salon again.


What happens when you unite Jason Stein, Greg Ward, Jim Black and Eric Revis, some of the best players around, in a quartet? We call it musical magic, they call it Nature Work. Join us at CoStA on May 12th for the Belgian live debut of this stellar quartet.

Onder Stroom

The ultra dynamic sax/guitar duo of Ken Vandermark and Terrie Ex on the road to promote their brand new album Scaffolding on Terp Records. First Oorstof collab. with Antwerp based Onder Stroom

De Nor

Ultra Eczema and Oorstof present the stellar trio of Richard Youngs, Chris Corsano, David Maranha and the honk and bonk duo of Hanne De Backer and Karen Willems at De Nor

Onder Stroom

Stellar trio of John Dikeman (Tenor Sax), William Parker (Bass, Reeds, Percussion) and Hamid Drake (Drums, Percussion, voice) to brighten up your summer …


Unfortunately the European tour of Masaki Batoh is cancelled. But very stoked that we can announce an evening with poet/performer/traveler Louise Landes Levi, who will join Bart De Paepe and Timo Van Luijk on stage

De Studio

Day 1 of the two day festival for adventurous music at the fantastic premises of DE Studio. Next to the varied programme also a free of entrance area with record and label fair, music films, expo, performance and delicious homemade slow food.

De Studio

Day 2 of the two day festival for adventurous music at the fantastic premises of DE Studio. Next to the varied programme also a free of entrance area with record and label fair, music films, expo, workshop and delicious homemade slow food.

De Studio

Late night lives session and party to end the fourth edition of Summer Bummer and to celebrate 30 years of Radio Centraal’s Freakscene with
the stellar trio of Angel Bat Dawid, Hanne De Backer and Signe Emmeluth, an unprecedented trio of Yves De Mey, Gino Coomans and Louis Evrard and dj’s Freak, Daniel De Botanicus and Fiesta-girl

De Studio

Chicago’s Ben LaMar Gay and Nick Mazzarella team up with Tollef Østvang and Jon Rune Strøm one of Norways most dynamic rhythm sections. Lisbon’s Rafael Toral on his turn infuses sparkling electronics in the dynamic Space Quartet featuring Hugo Antunes, Nuno Morão and Nuno Torres.


Trix and Oorstof are proud to present a super trio of Chris Brokaw (Come/Codeine), Douglas McCombs (Tortoise) and Kid Millions (Oneida). As Charnel Ground they have a slab of adrenaline infused post power pop rock noise on offer you shouldn’t miss out on.

AB Salon

With the brand new album Kami, the trio of Louise Landes Levi, Timo van Luijk and Bart De Paepe is taking it’s sonic explorations to a whole new level …

Euro Tour

Promoting the brand new g a b b r o album GRANULAR on Dropa Disc, baritone sax player Hanne De Backer takes vocal artist Agnes Hvizdalek, Belgian bass player Raphael Malfliet and Norwegian trombone player Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø on the road …

AB Salon

Promoting the brand new g a b b r o album GRANULAR on Dropa Disc, Hanne De Backer hits the road with Agnes Hvizdalek, Raphael Malfliet and newcomer Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø. Rodrigo Amado and Farida Amadou – who replaces Dirk Serries – will start of this last Oorstof event at AB Salon for 2019.

Het Bos

When Jaap Blonk turned 65, he thought it was time to start a young and energetic band again. He aptly named it ‘Retirement Overdue’. Key words are: rough energy, unpredictable, freedom, dada-punk!

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