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16/09/2018 – 18.00
Museum Vleeshuis

(From) Bach to the Future | Maya Homburger & Barry Guy

(From) Bach to the Future | Maya Homburger & Barry Guy


Doors: 18.00
Concert: 18.30


Museum Vleeshuis
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During Bach Meditation Maya Homburger (baroque violin) and Barry Guy (bass) take the audience on a meditative trip lasting a good three hours with Solo Sonates and Partitas by Bach and short improvisations and compositions by H.I.F. Biber, György Kurtág and Barry Guy that are perfectly suited for this meditative approach of Bach in the unique setting of the Museum Vleeshuis. During the performance the audience can stay or go as they please… Click here for the detailed programme !

Together with artists like Evan Parker, Peter Brötzmann and Fred Van Hove the English bass player Barry Guy is one of the key figures if the European free improvised music. The Swiss baroque violin player Maya Homburger played with the John Eliot Gardiner’s English Baroque Soloists, Trevor Pinnock’s The English Concert and specialised in chamber music and solo work with her own ensembles The Chandos Baroque Players and Trio Virtuoso.


(From) Bach To The Future is an adventurous concert series at the Museum Vleeshuis and a great opportunity to casually discover how Baroque still lives on in contemporary music, albeit in different forms. Not just in the obvious context of classical music, but also in the world of free improv, contemporary composition, world music and the avant-garde.

With Antwerp’s Museum Vleeshuis –  encompassing 600 years of music history, as the perfect location and renowned musicians like Aisha Orazbayeva, Tim Etchells, Mary Jane Leach, Raphael Rogiński, Maya Homburger, Barry Guy, Charlemagne Palestine, Frederik Leroux, Heleen Van Haegenborgh, Eline Duerinck, Jan Daelman, Marjolein Vernimmen and Yves De Mey the public can hear and see how improvisation and experimentation relate to the Baroque, how you can still recognise Baroque elements in improvisation, contemporary composition and experimental music. The concert series includes five events/concerts and an exhibition.

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