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14/12/2024 – 19:00

Ruidoscuro ft. Joachim Badenhorst + Ocean Eddie ft. Sofia Jernberg + Suzan Peeters

Ruidoscuro + Ocean Eddie ft. Sofia Jernberg + Suzan Peeters


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Interlinie is a brand new event – curated by Space is the Place, Kaap, 30CC and Rataplan/Oorstof – that aims to connect and cross-pollinate the Dutch and Belgian landscapes of improvisation, experimentation, and jazz. With stops in Ostend (Kaap), Antwerp (Rataplan/Oorstof) and Leuven (30CC), this first Interlinie edition brings together Ruidoscuro, the explosive Amsterdam based band of Frank Rosaly, with like-minded Belgian musicians – with possible new formations popping up in the moment, who knows! For the Interlinie edition at Rataplan/Oorstof special guest Joachim Badenhorst will join Ruidoscuro, Sofia Jernberg will join Ocean Eddie and Suzan Peeters will open the dance with a captivating solo set.


Drummer, composer Frank Rosaly’s Ruidoscuro is profound research into his native Puerto Rican, central and south American roots in concert with his rich background as an improviser, composer and jazz musician. The resulting music illustrates complex metaphors of pre-Columbus indigenous musical languages and their integration into the developing musical diaspora from Africa to The Andes. Using electronics alongside acoustic, and employing strict sequential patterns against free improvisation to inhabit ritualistic musical movement, the music tells a dark, haunting narrative in a richly layered context of spinning polyrhythms, bi-tonal melodic material and pivoting harmonic structures.

In 2021 Rosaly showcased an amazing set with Ruidoscuro at the Summer Bummer festival with material he explicitly wrote for the combination of Andy Moor, Joachim Badenhorst, Marta Warelis, Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti and Ingebrigt Haker Flaten. For the Interlinie sets Ruidoscuro will be a dynamic quartet with Rosaly on drums, percussion and electronics, Ferragutti on electronics, voice and synthesizers, Warelis on piano and synthesizers, and Moor on electric guitar. At Rataplan the band will be augmented with special guest Badenhorst on reeds and electronics.


The combination of piano/harmonium, accordion and saxophone is something rare. Because the instruments partly overlap in register and timbre, the balance within the trio is very fragile. But in the masterful hands of Andreas Bral (piano), Stan Maris (accordion) and Viktor Perdieus (tenor and soprano sax), that fragile balance is turned into something magical. The compositions from which they start are very open so the musicians can move freely. Think of undulating and enchanting pieces, melodic but also constantly transforming. Eddies, to which the group name Ocean Eddie refers, are circular currents within general oceanic currents that remind us of a playful, naive and slightly unhealthy competition, the kind of competition what this trio is looking for in its music

In 2022 Ocean Eddie presented a first release – for el NEGOCITO Records – during the Summer Bummer festival. Striking up an acquaintance with Martin Küchen at the same Summer Bummer festival, Ocean Eddie followed up in 2023 with a series of shows with this Swedish reed player and a release for the Tinke label, recorded at De Singer in Rijkervorsel. In that same year the trio met and recorded with the exceptional voice artist Sofia Jernberg (Fire! Orchestra, The End … ) at Nona, Mechelen. The release will be presented by Ocean Eddie and Sofia Jernberg on stage at Rataplan during the Interlinie event.


The Brussels-based accordionist Suzan Peeters has quickly become a prominent figure in the experimental and new music scenes in Belgium. With an original approach to her instrument and the use of various non-musical objects and electronics, she has developed a unique aesthetic in her solo practice.

In December 2023, she played a compelling concert at Rataplan during the Oorstof/Klankhaven concert series with her duo NAAN, featuring Nathalie Van Meirvenne on bass flute, and in an ad hoc ensemble that included Van Meirvenne, Lukas Jouck (drums), and Arto Van Roey (guitar). Peeters now returns to Rataplan to open this first Interlinie event with a solo performance  and perhaps more…

vr 13.12 – Sojo/30CC Leuven – Ruidoscuro + Farida Amadou solo
zo 15.12 – KAAP Oostende – Ruidoscuro + John Dikeman & Andreas Bral duo





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