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Klara career award 2016 for Fred Van Hove

On January 28th 2017 Fred Van Hove received the prestigious Klara career award 2016, a welcome recognition for the more than 50 years this brilliant piano player and iconic free music pioneer keeps amazing us with fantastic music. It all adds up to the festive feel of the two day festival to celebrate Van Hove’s 80th birthday this Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th of February 2017 at deSingel. Next to a pop-up expo, a dedicated record stand and excellent food Evan Parker, Hamid Drake, Steve Beresford, Paul Lovens, Mark Sanders, Wilbert De Joode, Peter Jacquemyn, Martin Blume, Els Vandeweyer, Ernst Reijseger, Sarah Gail Brand, Lisa Ullen, Elsa Bergman, Isak Hedtjarn, Erik Carlsson, Niels Van Heertum, Seppe Gebruers, Christian Leroy, Walter Hus, Gino Coomans, Paul Vlaeminck, Luc Mishalle, Mike Goyvaerts, Ivo Vander Borght and of course Fred Van Hove are more than ready to Celebrate Free Music and Minds. Don’t miss out on this unique event. Tickets are still available… get them at deSingel or get your online ticket (to print at home) here !

More Oorstof events Spring 2017

16 February –  Het Bos, Antwerp
Jeph Jerman & Tim Barnes
Dropa Disc label night at Closet of Records (Bos Bar)

18 February – Artenova, Mechelen
Oorstof & grambacht present:
Ilta Hämärä
Jeph Jerman & Tim Barnes

23 February –  deSingel, Antwerp
Urge Trio > Keefe Jackson, Tomeka Reid, Christoph Erb
Rotozaza > Rudi Mahall, Nicola L. Hein, Adam Pultz Melbye & Christian Lillinger

March –  2 New Dropa Disc Releases
Dropa Disc #004 – Evan Parker, John Edwards, Steve Noble: PEN cd
Dropa Disc #005 – Ballister: Low Level Stink lp/dvd

1 March – De Singer, Rijkevorsel
Oorstof & De Singer present:
Rodrigo Amado, Joe Mcphee, Kent Kessler, Chris Corsano
Giovanni Di Domenico, Gonçalo Almeida, Balázs Pándi

19 March –  DE Studio, Antwerp
Ballister > Dave Rempis, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Paal Nilssen-Love (2 sets)
Record release show

23 March – Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp
Frank Rosaly > Solo
Jakob Warmenbol & Sebastian Strinning > the next pony level

4 May – DE Studio, Antwerp
Nakama > Christian Meaas Svendsen, Andreas Wildhagen, Agnes Hvizdalek, Adrian Løseth Waade, Ayumi Tanaka
g a b b r o > Hanne De Backer & Marc De Maeseneer

12 May – Het Bos, Antwerp
Jooklo Zappa > Stanley J. Zappa, Virginia Genta, David Vanzan
lauroshilau > Audrey Lauro, Yuko Oshima, Pak Yan Lau

3 June – Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp
Oorstof & Kraak present:
Adam Cadell
Kraig Grady
Tim Catlin

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