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8/12/2019 – 19:45
AB Salon




Doors: 19:45
Concert: 20:15


AB Salon
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Promoting the brand new g a b b r o album GRANULAR on Dropa Disc, baritone sax player Hanne De Backer hits the road with Austrian, in Norway residing, vocal artist Agnes Hvizdalek, Belgian bass player Raphael Malfliet and, newcomer to the band, Norwegian trombone player Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø. Due to unforeseen circumstances guitar player Dirk Serries had to cancel his appearance with Portugese reed player Rodrigo Amado. But Amado will start off this last Oorstof event at AB Salon for 2019 in a duo with bass player Farida Amadou, who will respectfully replace Serries. Please note this is a free for entrance concert on the base of first come first serve … Come early !

g a b b r o > Hanne De Backer – Agnes Hvizdalek – Raphael Malfliet- Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø

While g a b b r o, Hanne De Backer’s baritone sax project, used a no frills duo concept for its debut album, things take a different turn on GRANULAR, the second lp and first for the Dropa Disc label. With Marc De Maeseneer again by her side, this album also involves fellow Belgian experimentalist Raphael Malfliet on electric bass, as well as singular Austrian, residing in Norway, vocalist Agnes Hvizdalek. Taken from studio recordings, as well as the quartet’s performance at 2018’s Summer Bummer Festival, Granular turns fragmentation and attention for detail, sound and space into an invitation to listen without prejudice and expectations. The result is a strikingly original impression of a universe full of unconventional techniques, which retains a balance between the highly personal and a remarkable openness, turning the granules of the title into a broader, organic whole. For the concert at AB Salon and for the European tour that g a b b r o is embarking on Norwegian trombone player Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø wil join the core line up of Hanne De Backer (baritone sax), Agnes Zvidalek (voice, microphone) and Raphael Malfliet (el. bass).

Dirk Serries & Rodrigo Amado > Dirk Serries will be replaced by Farida Amadou

Serries_Amado_GeertVandepoele© Geert Vandepoele

At the end of August 2019 renowned Portugese reed player Rodrigo Amado and veteran experimentalist Dirk Serries met each other for the first time as a duo on stage. This magic moment in the Dutch Jazzblazzt series is now getting a second life as a limited cassette release – appropriately titled Jazzblazzt – for Colin Webster’s Raw Tonk Records. To celebrate the launch of this memorable release Amado and Serries planned to open this challenging Oorstof event as a duo in the perfect setting of the AB Salon. Due to unforeseen circumstances guitar player Dirk Serries had to cancel. Amado chose bass player Farida Amadou to respectfully replace Serries.


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