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Sound in Motion promotes adventurous music from all over the world with a nomadic concert series, residencies, a record label and a yearly festival in collaboration with a growing group of partners like AB, DE Studio, Het Bos, Trix, Rataplan, De Singer, Zuiderpershuis, Jazz Middelheim and KAAP. The four Sound in Motion cornerstones are:


Oorstof is a nomadic concert series that has improvisation, innovation, experiment and cross genre pollination as a main focus. Since 2014 it prominently combines young Belgian musicians with international players – from pioneers to innovators – in a unique barrier defying setting, disclosing musical experiment further from its academic and elitist environs.


Under the Visitations banner four times a year – with three presentation days per event –  Sound in Motion will show similarities, differences and cross-pollinations between local and international musicians that meet during a short residency. Visitations invites national and international guests to collaborate during a short term residency. On the three concert days the collaborations developed during the residency are translated to the stage, a perfect opportunity for the participating artists to profile their unique creative approach in an international setting.


Since 2014 Summer Bummer is Sound in Motion’s yearly two day international festival celebrating genre defying improvised and experimental music with a line up that appeals to the imagination, unique collaborations between Belgian and international musicians, surprising headliners and a free of entrance area with a record and label fair, workshops for young and old, films, performances and a food stand with homemade slow food. 


Dropa Disc is a new extension of the Sound in Motion and Oorstof canon issuing releases – lps, cds, digital, publications – of exceptional recordings by artists appearing in the series. Dropa Disc releases are available at and on the Dropa Disc Bandcamp page.




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