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Sound in Motion

Sound in Motion vzw is a non-profit organisation based in Antwerp, Belgium developing unique productions and concerts in genre defying improvised, experimental and adventurous music. Since 2010 Sound in Motion invites international musicians and artists from all over the world.  With a thorough historical and productional know how, a vast (inter)national network and in collaboration with partners in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt, throughout Europe and the U.S. Sound in Motion vzw anticipates on artistic needs and developments with exceptional productional initiatives, realistic budgets and complementary to what the regular artistic and cultural circuit has to offer: festivals, concert series, tours, residencies, recording projects …


Oorstof is a productional and nomadic concert series that has improvisation, innovation, experiment and cross genre pollination as a main focus. Since 2014 it prominently combines young Belgian musicians with international players – from pioneers to innovators – in a unique barrier defying setting, disclosing musical experiment further from its academic and elitist environs.

Dropa Disc

Dropa Disc is a new extension of the Sound in Motion and Oorstof canon issuing releases of exceptional recordings by artists appearing in the series. Dropa Disc releases are available at and on the Dropa Disc Bandcamp page.


De Singer TRIX Tryp Windham Antwerp

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