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12/02/2022 – 19:00
AB Club

HYDRA ENSEMBLE > Nina Hitz – Lucija Gregov – Gonçalo Almeida – Rutger Zuydervelt

HYDRA ENSEMBLE > Nina Hitz - Lucija Gregov - Gonçalo Almeida - Rutger Zuydervelt


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Doors: 19:00
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AB Club
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Hydra Ensemble is Nina Hitz (cello), Lucija Gregov (cello), Gonçalo Almeida (bass) and Rutger Zuydervelt (electronics). In 2020, the first year overshadowed by covid, this international ensemble released the captivating debut cd Voltas for Inexhaustible Editions. Now they finally can present this well received release live for an audience. Through an intricate patchwork of concurrent melodic lines, textural explorations and expansive drones this Ensemble takes us on a sonic journey that navigates us through the cracks of free improvisation, minimalism and experimental foreboding ambience.

From Bach to Cage or dark jazz and punk Swiss born cello player Hitz (POW Ensemble, Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Luc Ex) always grabs the opportunity to explore new musical adventures. The Kroatian Gregov combines cello with field recordings and analogue synths and likes to further blur the lines between contemporary art and music. Portugese bass player Almeida showed his extreme versatile musical approach already earlier in the Oorstof series with The Selva and during the Summer Bummer Festival in 2018, and since years Zuydervelt delicately guides his electronic sound world to the most unexpected corners of the sonic spectrum as Machinefabriek. 

This concert is a collaboration between Ancienne Belgique and Oorstof and will happen at the AB Club (seated). The concert is free of entrance, but reservations are highly recommended at this link ! 
This is a Covid Safe Ticket+ event!  Don’t forget your Covid Safe Ticket, proof of identity and facemask to gain access to this event.





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