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23/03/2017 – 19:30




Doors: 19:30
Concert: 20:30


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Jakob Warmenbol & Sebastian Strinning > the next ponylevel


Following the recording session and memorable live set of Brötzmann & Nilssen-Love at the superior sounding Atelier of the Zuiderperhuis Belgian percussionist Jakob Warmenbol and Swiss-Swedish reed player Sebastian Strinning will now record their live debut album at the same space. Warmenbol amazed the Oorstof audience earlier with Bolhaerd, The Rova Special Sextet, Erik Heestermans and at last years Winteroor Festival. Reed player Sebastian Strinning learned the ropes with Urs Leimgruber, Gerry Hemingway, Hans Koch and Fredrik Ljungkvist, has played with renowned artist like Gerry Hemingway, Joachim Badenhorst, Lauren Newton, Shahzad Ismaily and Frank Gratkowski and works with Jakob Warmenbol in different settings since 2013. As a duo they go by the name of the next ponylevel, labeled hard core free jazz… Bring it on! 


Frank Rosaly solo


Chicago expat and percussionist Frank Rosaly comes down to Antwerp for his first ever solo set on a Belgian stage, a perfect opportunity to catch one of the most in demand and vibrant players on the block in a unique solo setting. Rosaly is a regular guest in the Oorstof series. The shear skill and diversity he displays in bands and collaborations like Hearts and Minds, The Rempis Percussion Quartet, Josh Abrams National Information Society or even Ryley Walker is of course one of the reasons he is a regular guest. Those who own one of his challenging solo releases – with Malo on Utech from 2015 as an absolute high light – know already about the rich sonic and rhythmic contours Rosaly develops on his own. Those who haven’t are in for a total treat.

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