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23/02/2017 – 19:30




Doors: 19:30
Concert: 20:00


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Exciting double bill for this first Oorstof concert at de deSingel’s Kleine Zaal with Urge Trio > Keefe Jackson, Tomeka Reid & Christoph Erb and Rotozaza > Rudi Mahall, Nicola L. Hein, Adam Pultz Melbye & Christian Lillinger.

URGE TRIO feat. Keefe Jackson, Tomeka Reid, Christoph Erb

urge-trio-photo-by-jason-roebke-2© Jasob Roebke

Over the last couple of years reed player Keefe Jackson made his mark as one of the major players of the Chicago scene. All the projects he initiates  – think Fast Citizens, Keefe Jackson’s Likely So or Project Project – are examplary for his talent as a leader, composer and masterly improvisor. The same goes for Urge Trio in which he unites an unusual array of instruments – 2 x tenor sax, 2 x bass clarinet and cello. In cello player Tomeka Reid (Loose Assembly, Black Earth Ensemble, AACM) and the Swiss reed player Christoph Erb (Baker/Zerang, Frantz Loriot) Jackson finds the perfect partners to create a stunning  musical palet.

Keefe Jackson (tenor sax, bass clarinet) – Tomeka Reid (cello) – Christoph Erb (tenor sax, bass clarinet)

Review of the new Urge Trio release Live at The Hungry Brain (veto/exchange) by Guy Peters for Enola

The Urge Trio tour was made possible by the support of Städtepartnerschaft Luzern-Chicago and Kanton Luzern Kulturförderung Swisslos.



ROTOZAZA feat. Rudi Mahall, Nicola L. Hein, Adam Pultz Melbye & Christian Lillinger

mahall-hein-melbye-lillinger-by-manuel-mietheweb© Manuel Miethe

Rotozaza features four known improvising musicians from the German/International scene of improvised music: bass clarinet player Rudi Mahall (Schlippenbach, Globe Unity Orchestra), percussionist Christian Lillinger (Grund, Joachim Kühn Trio), bass player Adam Pultz Melbye (Evan Parker, Michiyo Yagi) and guitar player Nicola L. Hein (John Russel, Frank Gratkowsky). Their music is created in the moment of the performance, without concepts or compositions being made beforehand. By interweaving free jazz, soundimprovisation and free improvised music their sound is surprisingly fresh and unheared covering an extremely wide musical spectrum.

Rudi Mahall (bass clarinet) – Nicola L. Hein (guitar) – Adam Pultz Melbye (bas) – Christian Lillinger (drums, percussion)



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