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Just two weeks into the well earned summer holidays but already eagerly looking forward to the end of it. Why? Well, over here at Sound in Motion/Oorstof we are pretty stoked to announce a new two day edition of the challenging Summer Bummer Festival at the sublime premises of Antwerp’s Zuiderpershuis. And challenging it will be:

This will show already on Saturday August 26th with the impressive electronic soundscapes and visuals of GAS (WOLFGANG VOIGT), the sublime mix of punk, blues and free improvised music by BILL ORCUTT (electric guitar), the exceptional dynamic of Angels 9, Fire! and Saint Francis Duo skilfully contorted by the trio of MARTIN KÜCHEN (sax), JOHAN BERTHLING (bass) and STEVE NOBLE (drums), the unpredictable and challenging electronics of YVES DE MEY, the mind expanding wall of drones and swats of analogue synths constructed by DSR Lines and Hellvete under the BRAHMEN RAAG banner and the spontaneous interaction between FARIDA AMADOU (bass), AUDREY LAURO (alto sax) and HANNE DE BACKER(baritone sax).

On Sunday August 27th Summer Bummer continues along the line of diverse and adventurous music: On his releases OREN AMBARCHI is often joined by artists like Jim O’Rourke, Arto Lindsay, Will Guthrie and Mark Fell, live he just needs an electric guitar and a battery of effects to generate his impressive musical world. Legendary saxophone player and free jazz pioneer PETER BRÖTZMANN (tenor sax, tarogato) for the first time teams up with his Japanese musical brother TOSHINORI KONDO (trumpet, electronics) and HEATHER LEIGH (pedal steel) as a trio. POULOMI DESAI transforms her sitar into a more than suprising electro-acoustic sound source. With JOHN EDWARDS (bass) and STEVE NOBLE (drums) saxophone player JULIE KJÆR brings one of the best rhythm sections in the alternative music and free jazz to Summer Bummer showing us how thin the line can be between composition and improvisation. NIELS VAN HEERTUM (euphonium) and ERIC BOEREN (trumpet, cornet) for the first time bring out their duel of the coppers though it might as well turn into a genuine musical courtship. ELKO BLIJWEERT and FRANS VAN ISACKER refer to Bach, Brian Eno, Boredoms and Beethoven when talking about their guitar and saxophone duo.

Take your time to let this unique line up sink in a bit and then just scroll to the ticket links and get yours while they last: Saturday 26/8 or Sunday 27/8. Weekend tickets you will find on either of the day links.
And yes, you can help promote Summer Bummer by spreading the word and sharing the FB event here !

More info go here !


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