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This Friday May 12th Oorstof and het Bos team up for super nice and challenging triple bill. Jooklo Duo’s Virginia Genta (sax) and David Vanzan (percussion) team up with sax player Stanley J. Zappa (Yes, that’s Frank’s nephew) as Jooklo Zappa. The superb Portugese trio of Ricardo Jacinto (cello), Gonçalo Almeida (double bass) and Nuno Morão (drums) present their multi-idiomatic approach to free jazz as The Selva and Audrey Lauro (sax), Yuko Oshima (percussion, electronics) and Pak Yan Lau (electronics, keyboard) further explore sounds in their own dimension as lauroshilau. If you mail us here ! for a reservation you can get in for only 5 EUR! If the automated link does not work use: reservations(at)

More Oorstof activity this month: Sunday May 21st Matthew Shipp & Ivo Perelman at L’Archiduc (afternoon show starts at 5 pm, doors 4pm).
The announced Australian Open III fest on June 3rd will be replaced. We keep the date but Kraak & Oorstof will make sure it’s worth it to come down and celebrate the end of the spring season. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted.

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