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1/3 Amado – McPhee – Corsano – Kessler + Di Domenico – Almeida – Pándi at De Singer

Here at the Oorstof HQ we always are excited about the next event and we always try to convince people it’s more than worth it to come down for the shows. And then there’s the Oorstof events where we do not need to convince anyone that missing out is missing out on something exceptional indeed. This is certainly the case for the double bill that’s on this Wednesday March 1st for which we team up with the good people of De Singer at Rijkevorsel. Stellar, yes sir, that’s the least we can say of the artists that are lined up.

This Is Our Language, a reference to Ornette Coleman’s classic album This Is Our Music, is the name by which Rodrigo Amado and his brothers in music Joe McPhee, Chris Corsano and Kent Kessler since 2015 fuse past and future into an ultimate free jazz trip. Giovanni Di Domenico, Gonçalo Almeida and Balázs Pándi in their turn use Cement Shoes as a moniker, a perfect way to describe how they will nail you to the floor while further crossing and exploring the sonic borders and possibilities of improvised music. Don’t miss out ! Get your online tickets while they last at this link !

More Oorstof events coming up:

March –  two New Dropa Disc Releases
Dropa Disc #004 – Evan Parker, John Edwards, Steve Noble: PEN cd
Dropa Disc #005 – Ballister: Low Level Stink lp/dvd

19 March –  DE Studio, Antwerp
Ballister > Dave Rempis, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Paal Nilssen-Love (2 sets)
Record release show

23 March – Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp
Frank Rosaly > Solo
Jakob Warmenbol & Sebastian Strinning > the next pony level

8 April – Nona, Mechelen
Fred Van Hove At 80  > Solo
Bram De Looze > Solo

4 May – DE Studio, Antwerp
Nakama > Christian Meaas Svendsen, Andreas Wildhagen, Agnes Hvizdalek, Adrian Løseth Waade, Ayumi Tanaka
g a b b r o > Hanne De Backer & Marc De Maeseneer

12 May – Het Bos, Antwerp
Jooklo Zappa > Stanley J. Zappa, Virginia Genta, David Vanzan
The Selva > Ricardo Jacinto, Nuno Morão, Gonçalo Almeida
lauroshilau > Audrey Lauro, Yuko Oshima, Pak Yan Lau

3 June – Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp
Oorstof & Kraak present:
Adam Cadell
Kraig Grady
Tim Catlin


Vlaanderen Stad Antwerpen DEStudio Het Bos TRIX AB Salon Les Ateliers Claus Rataplan Tryp Windham Antwerp

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