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21/05/2017 – 15:00




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L’Archiduc, Music is Now and Oorstof present an exclusive show by the ultimate piano/sax duo of Matthew Shipp (US, piano) and Ivo Perelman (BR, sax) … celebrating the release of the seven-volume The Art Of Perelman-Shipp, a high-water mark for the duo format and for free improvisation. Please note this is an afternoon show, starting at 5 pm ! Doors open at 3 pm, no reservations, no pre-sales, just come down early and enjoy a nice cocktail or a beer at the amazing art deco bar while waiting for the show, it’s more than worth it …

On Corpo, their previous release as a duo for Leo Records, they seemed to reach an absolute peak. Or as Matthew Shipp himself puts it in the Liner Notes: ‘Corpo is the ultimate coming together of everything Ivo and I have been working on for years. Recording this CD and hearing it back rang every bell to me that this is apotheosis of the Perelman/Shipp duo cosmos. Our duo CD Callas was a breakthrough for us. Corpo is the ultimate flowering. Ivo and I made a complete and utter commitment a long time ago to pursue a rarified duo language and cosmos… there is nothing remotely like this in the world. I hope this CD can find its audience.’

And now, in their most ambitious project to date, Perelman and Shipp present The Art Of Perelman-Shipp, a series of seven discs on Leo Records (released simultaneously), all centered around the core of their collaborative formats – the saxophone-piano duo that constitutes a binary star system all its own. These artistic soul mates engage in a musical communication that calls to mind the greatest partnerships in improvised music: Parker and Gillespie, Brubeck and Desmond, Coltrane and Tyner. But not even Coltrane and Tyner approached each performance in the way of Perelman and Shipp, who walk into the studio without any preconceived plan – no written theme, no harmonic schemes, no outline of the events that will take place – and simply start to play, allowing the music to go where it will and trusting their shared history to guide the proceedings. How telepathic the collaboration between Matthew Shipp and Ivo Perelman actually is, you can experience fist hand on May 21st ! Don’t miss out on the rare and unique opportunity to catch these 2 giants live.

Matthew Shipp: piano – Ivo Perelman: tenor sax

Perelman - Shipp L'Archiduc 21 may



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