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30/08 - 31/08/2024

Ninth edition of the Summer Bummer Festival, for the second time at Trix, where adventurous music takes center stage and is celebrated with an international line-up, unique collaborations, pioneers and newcomers, surprising headliners, a record fair, expo and a stand with homemade slow food

AB Club

Under the Hearts and Minds banner Jason Stein (Natural Information Society), Paul Giallorenzo (Ben LaMar Gay), and Chad Taylor (Jamie Branch) bring Illuminescence to the AB Club stage, their next album on Astral Spirits that combines brash fluidity, raw lyricism, and emphatic grooves …

Het Bos

Oorstof and Het Bos team up for Water Damage, the Loudly droning collective from Austin, Texas with connections to Swans, Astral Spirits Records, Spray Paint, Black Eyes, USA/Mexico, More Eaze, Thor & Friends, Marriage and SUR …


Twenty years after her live performance in Leuven, STUK and Sound in Motion honour iconic American composer and sound artist Maryanne Amacher with a unique reconstruction of her seminal composition GLIA.

De Studio

Two international duos taking the stage, each sharing an unparalleled dynamic effortlessly showcasing every corner of the musical spectrum.


First Interlinie edition with Ruidoscuro, the explosive Amsterdam based band of Frank Rosaly ft. special guest Joachim Badenhorst, Ocean Eddie ft. Sofia Jernberg and Suzan Peeters solo …

Vlaanderen Stad Antwerpen DEStudio Het Bos TRIX AB Salon Les Ateliers Claus Rataplan Tryp Windham Antwerp

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