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Museum Vleeshuis
With a 3 x cd/book release for Dropa Disc in preparation and celebrating his 82nd birthday, iconic piano player Fred Van Hove will take the superb sounding stage of Museum Vleeshuis for a solo piano concert. Limited tickets available, don't hesitate to secure your spot...
De Studio
First Belgian appearance of Ken Vandermark's Marker opening the brand new Visitations event showing similarities, differences and cross-pollinations between local and international musicians
De Studio
Ken Vandermark composes brand new material for Marker teaming up with Farida Amadou, Audrey Lauro, Stan Maris and Hanne De Backer on the second day of the brand new Visitations event.
De Studio
Improvising whirlwinds The Rempis Percussion Quartet and Don Kapot setting out to give DE Studio a serious rhythmic shake both individual and in a team effort on the third day of the brand new Visitations event
AB Salon
Samara Lubelski and Bill Nace delivered one of the high lights of 2018 with a scorching violin-guitar duo release on vinyl (Open Mouth) and cd (Relative Pitch). Don't miss out to experience this duo shredding it live when Oorstof hits AB Salon again.
What happens when you unite Jason Stein, Greg Ward, Jim Black and Eric Revis, some of the best players around, in a quartet? We call it musical magic, they call it Nature Work. Join us at CoStA on May 12th for the Belgian live debut of this stellar quartet.
Stad Antwerpen deSTudio Zuiderpershuis coStA Het Bos Vooruit AB Salon Les Ateliers Claus Kraak WPML Tryp Windham Antwerp

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